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Basic Excel COURSE

Virtual course

Duration: 8 Hours

Microsoft Excel is the industry's leading spreadsheet program. It is a powerful graph visualization and data analysis tool.

Microsoft Office Excel is nothing more than a spreadsheet that is used to handle numeric or alphanumeric data grouped in rows and columns also called data tables.


This powerful spreadsheet application allows you to quickly and easily create, view, edit, and share files with other users. He works in accounting, auditing, finance among many other areas. with any user and anywhere safely.


The course is aimed at people interested in learning to use the Microsoft Excel program. They may have little knowledge of the program since we started from the basics, in the same way, people who have already used the program are welcome, since they will realize and learn many characteristics that this program has that they may not know.

In each section of the course, new concepts will be learned that we will strengthen with examples and an exercise at the end of each session to strengthen

the learned.

Given the current confinement situation as a result of COVID-19, this course is designed to be done online and in a short time (8 hours).


This course is aimed at:

Students, professors, researchers, consultants and the general public who have an interest in learning to use the Microsoft Excel program.


Are there requirements to take the course?

You do not need any previous knowledge or experience, you just need a computer with internet and a desire to learn.


What will you learn in the course?

Create and manipulate datasheets
Where to find and how to use the default functions
Manipulate large databases
Insert images and figures
Create graphs
Create and use templates
Validate data
Import and export data
Create and manipulate pivot tables
Conditional functions
Text-based functions
Search engines
Scenario manager and hypothesis analysis




Understand the Excel interface and its different tools
Manipulation of spreadsheets in Excel
Create and insert figures in Excel
Make use of default functions in Excel
Make use of the functions and different tools of Excel to answer different questions.

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