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Energía solar

Basic Energy Course

Solar photovoltaic



Classroom course

Duration: 40 Hours

Start date:


Actively train the solar industry workforce to implement technologies that generate clean energy and reduce carbon emissions that cause global warming.

The more solar energy systems that are installed, the more trained people will be needed. The course will address the Installation and construction of autonomous solar systems, to provide electricity to houses, offices and industries.

We provide real-world knowledge, experience, and understanding of solar photovoltaic systems. We provide all the necessary knowledge for you to start making money and reducing your environmental impact by creating, improving and optimizing photovoltaic installations.

Addressed to:


  • General public

Imparted by:


Jesus Rafael Gerardino
Electronic engineer, aspiring master's degree in industrial controls, with more than 70 kWhp installed in
photovoltaic solar systems

It includes


  • Digital material of the course topics

  • Attendance certificate

  • Access to the WhatsApp group of sapiens in photovoltaic solar systems

  • Agenda and pen

Energía solar

You'll learn:


Basic concepts of electricity and electronics
Characteristics and operation of the elements that make up a photovoltaic solar system
Classes and types of photovoltaic systems used today
Design of isolated or off-grid photovoltaic solar systems




Module 1: basic concepts of electricity and electronics (8 hours)


AC and DC current
Active power
Reactive power
Ohm's law
Series circuit
Parallel circuit


Module 2: photovoltaic energy concepts (10 hours)


Solar radiation
Peak solar time
Photovoltaic panel
Types of photovoltaic panels
Solar batteries
Types of solar batteries
Solar regulator
Types of solar regulators
Solar inverters
Types of solar inverters

Module 3: photovoltaic solar systems (6 hours)


Types of photovoltaic systems
Off-grid system
On-grid system
Hybrid system


Module 4: calculations of isolated or off-grid solar systems (16 hours)


Component calculations
Reading of technical sheets
Practical exercises

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